Cherish each moment of your life.  This is easier said than done and rarely are any of us successful at it all the time.  However, it is so

 critical for us to get refocused on what is important.  We always hear the cliches', "Live for today!", "Live like your dying", "Be in the moment", "There are no tomorrows".

While these are all true, the hustle and bustle of every day life can simply get in the way.  If it is has been awhile since you have seen an old friend, shared a hug, connected with family, taken a walk in the woods, enjoyed the laughter of a child, played like a kid again, loved with reckless abandon, watched a sunset, enjoyed the quiet of the night, counted your blessings, then let this be your moment now to make that happen.

It doesn't take long and the good it will do for your soul will outweigh the time invested.  The reality is.... there really only is this moment.  I always say this recurring statement to my Dad.  "One hundred years from now it all won't matter anyway, so let's enjoy this moment and forget about our worries."

Author:  Dennis Kyle
Date Published:  June 17, 2013



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