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This week met me with some rather difficult emotions.  I learned of a friend's Present Challenge with cancer and the medical world would say it doesn't look good.  I choose to see this stuff differently than those trained professionals.  People as a rule of thumb focus on the negatives of life and fail to see the positives of their present circumstances.  If we choose to own the negative messages that are delivered to us by others or even our own thoughts we immediately lose our edge.

It is true, my friend faces challenging days ahead, but they will NOT be met with negativity.  Will there be days of sadness, moments of trouble, and tough emotional circumstances?  You bet!  However, it is during these times we must surround ourselves with uplifting, spiritually focused, positive energy people.  It is the light of life, the laughter and love, the positive energy, and joyful experiences that does a body, mind and soul good.

If you find yourself in the midst of someone else's struggles, you must ask yourself...... How will I respond?  What part will I play in their Present Challenges?  How will I participate in my communication with them?

Be a positive light in people's lives.  Is there a time to ask, "What Happened?"  Sure!  However, the "What Happened" is not truly beneficial for the person in the midst of their turmoil, it is more of a coping mechanism for the you the person who learned of it.  Your positive energy, the we are going to beat this, the I am here when you need me, the let's do something normal, the laughter of the day, the joy of normalcy makes the difference.

Collectively, we are all in this thing called Life together.  We mutually share in the positive energy felt.  Have you ever walked into a room and heard laughter and without even knowing the context of the conversation found yourself smiling.  That is a sample of the collective energy shared.  This same energy is shared verbally, non-verbally, consciously, unconsciously, and on other plains we may not understand.  However, I know with certainty we all get to choose our outlook and our impact on those in and out of our lives.

Today I ask that you share with me in a moment of good thoughts.  Prayer in my opinion is a wonderfully scary thing.  Too often people pray for outcomes instead of praying for "Thy Will to be Done".  We have little control over the master plan set forth by God, but we do have control over our thoughts and energy.  No matter your religion or background please join with me in this solemn meditative prayer.

"Holy Spirit please work through me today that I may be a facilitator or your positive energy, light and love.  Help me to bring forth all that is good in the people's lives I touch, that the challenges they face are opportunities and that I might always be a source of energy to lift even the smallest grain of sand which may be a burden from another's life.  Help me to remember that each life, those who I directly know, and those who I have yet to meet, is equally valuable and that I may always leave a positive helpful footprint."

Make a difference for someone today.  Share a smile, share a laugh, share a hug, share a touch, share some love, share your friendship, share your time, share your money, share the positive energy that is God inside you.

The present challenge someone or you might be facing, can be significantly impacted by the collective positive energy of all and our personal stewardship to this mission.


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