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An old friend of mine lost someone special. A couple nights ago she asked me to write something for her. I wasn't certain what to write, but what came out was this story called, 'Where You Are.' I hope it finds my friend and the words are appropriate.


Hello my friend. Today, I left for home. I am sorry I did not have the opportunity to write or say good-bye to you. However, I want you to know, I am OK. You may be thinking, it was not my time to go. I know this because when I was where you are I had felt the same way about other people. I know the loss that you feel in your heart because I too felt the loss when I was where you are. The emotions you are experiencing are normal and this too I know, because I felt them no less than 100 times when I was where you are.

I know my leaving you has left a void that may seem unable to be filled. However, I know God will fill the void with understanding and love, because I too felt what you feel when I was where you are.

God's love for us is timeless and I know this to be true now that I am here. I know the thoughts you think and confusion you feel because I was where you are. Remember, the goodness of life is not measured in the number of days but by the quality of each day. I know this now more than ever having come from where you are. You feel cheated, robbed, and even angry and I know this only because I came from where you are. Let not your heart be heavy with doubt or anger those emotions are only felt where you are.

Remember those days my friend when we sat quietly together. There were moments when silence spoke the deepest of truths, and love poured freely through communication undefined. Why in those days were we able to communicate at a deeper level in silence than in speech? It is because we are both divinely connected to where I am.

God does not promise us a long-life as defined by where you are. He does promise us a divine life and it is only understood when we reunite to where I am. My life makes sense now that I am here. The uniqueness of our situation my friend is that I am with you. It may sound like an old cliche', but where your soul goes God too shall follow. God's plan for all of us is in perfect harmony.

When I was where you are I spent time trying to understand the meaning of life. Now that I am back to where you and I started, the meaning of life is so pure and simple. Love is the greatest of all emotions and we love each other.

Love is in the airI want you to know, I am OK. However, it is easy for me to be OK because I am here now. In a place where everything is love. More importantly, I want you to know that you will be OK. Please keep your heart open and mind free. God will comfort you in the moments ahead. I am with you. It may sound like another cliche' but when the birds chirp, the winds blow, and the sun sets, the souls of angels just like me float through, carrying encouragement, hope, and love. God's love is found even where you are. God is present. He sits at your side right now.

Take your time my friend. It is OK to cry, because I cried when I was where you are. However, do not be afraid to laugh my friend. Do not be scared to experience joy. When you feel these emotions again, and you will, drink them into your soul. God wants your heart to be free.

You might feel we did not have enough days together but remember, where I am and where you also came from, time is not measured in days. I have no regrets. I hope you will tell the story of our friendship. I know you will explain to children about how we laughed until we cried, for their souls are pure. I am certain you will carry me in your heart forever. Please know the heart of life is different than the aching heart in your chest. The heart of life is endless, forever expanding and open to love. Do not speak of me as though I am gone, because we will see each other again.

Please do not lose your faith. I know this is tough, because I was where you are. Remember faith requires discipline but I can tell you, now that I am here, it is all worth it. Just stay true to you, pray and meditate often, and God will deliver you a renewed spirit.

Starting right now please live your life to its fullest potential. God wants no less of you, nor do I. Do not cry too long for me because, God's love makes this a wonderful place. You have a legacy to create and a wonderful life left to live.

May I leave you with a final thought? I love you my friend, right where you are.

~~~ Dennis Kyle

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