Created by Dennis Kyle on 12/14/2010 11:48:00 PM

An interesting parable came to me in my dream last night.

This boy is in his garage working, sweating and laboring to fix the flat tire on his bike. Tools and supplies spread across the garage floor are all being used.

He works for awhile, takes a break, works some more, all the while contemplating how to fix the tire.

After a prolonged period of time his father wanders into the garage. He sees the sweat and laborious effort his son is putting in on the tire. The father says son let me help you.

He grabs a few tools pulls of the tire, puts in a new inner tube, tightens a few bolts, oils the chain, insures the wheels are centered, stands the bike up, smiles and looks to his son and says, "there you go - you're off and riding now."

The boy kindly pushes the bike into the corner, walks in the house to his room, sits and hangs his head. It is not till days later when he rides the bike and it's not till years later he learns the lesson.

What was the boys frustration?

The father lost site of the boys goal of learning to fix his own bike, instead he assumed the goal was to ride it.

It is wrong of us in life to assume we understand another person's destination without asking. Too often we don't allow ourselves or people in life to grow because we think we already know the better way.


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