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I grew up in a small town just outside of Cleveland, OH.  My hometown Vermilion named for its Red Clay, is a peaceful, Mid-Western boating town about 20 miles East of Cedar Point (arguably the greatest amusement park in the world) and 30 miles West of downtown Cleveland.  It was fun growing up in such an encapsulated village.  I think many who grew up there would agree, the world seemed peaceful, people were friendly, and life simple.

Vermilion Ohio Sunset

After my senior year I had a chance to attend North Carolina for college but settled on Bowling Green.  What was I thinking?  I guess the mommy boy thing was too much for me to handle.  Speaking of my Mom and Dad, I am so thankful to still have ole Bob and Nancy in my life today.  At 81 and 75 years young respectively, they exemplify an active senior lifestyle.  I have learned that getting older doesn't mean you have to become irrelevant.

I have two wonderful OLDER sisters (Debbie and Sue).  They are uniquely different, wonderfully talented, independent, driven, and God could not have delivered two more loving woman in my life.  They deal with my quirkiness, my over-the-top outgoing ways, and keep me grounded when life feels a bit out of control.

Following college I bounced around a few careers in sales but settled on being a stockbroker for Edward Jones and then Smith Barney.  At the ripe old age of 25, I knew I was not cut out to work for someone else.  It was never more evident than when a manager said one day, "You cannot run the company, unless you own it."  Haha!!

I became an entrepreneur at 25 years old.  I started a publishing company that was set to make it big.  It was called Mirror Publishing.  I launched it just to make a little money while I was writing my first Sales Training curriculum called "Mastering Telephone Skills for Sales Professionals."  The Mirror Publishing concept was a ValPak idea before they became big.  If I was looking to make a little money, I did.  After production, print, mailing, and other miscellaneous expenses, I netted a profit of $53.  It was clearly obvious to me, the entrepreneur thing was not going to be an easy road.

At age 26 I began my public speaking and training career.  It was challenging going into a company, professing that I knew the better sales strategy, when most people attending were middle-age, silver haired professionals.  It was a daunting task but I got to cut my teeth with on-the-job training.  While I started Positive Results in 1995, it wasn't until 1996 that I began actually training professionals.

I struggled immensely in the first couple of years.  However, perseverance and dedication began to pay off.  I dreamed of traveling to far away places, and new that the training and speaking could provide me those opportunities.  I often had days wondering why in the heck I was choosing to struggle as an entrepreneur, but in time it made sense.  In the late 1990's I was finally gathering momentum and building a client base.  The good Lord was delivering me opportunity.  I could not have felt more blessed.  I went from having $60 in the bank, wondering how I was going to pay rent, to traveling to Costa Rica, Latin America, and speaking in nearly every major city across the United States.  Via hard-work and blessing, I have lived a fruitful life.

In the midst of my fruitiness (did I write fruity), things have not been all roses.  I have had my share of downs, struggles, failures, and still do today.  I have learned a couple valuable things through my life experiences.  We can never get too low or high in our emotions.  When times are great, it is important to relish them and rejoice, but we must remember they are only experiences.  In this same vain, we must find the silver lining in our troubles and struggles too.  We cannot allow the lows of our lives' to be the definition of our success.  We have to learn what we can from our failures, but be willing to have resiliency, resolve, and a desire to get back to life quickly.

Writing is one of my greatest passions.  I rarely find enough time to do it, but I love getting thoughts out on my computer.  Typing is some odd therapy for me.  I hope you like this site.  It is a real work in progress and sometimes, it is stagnant effort :-).  I love hearing from people so please drop me a line.

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Reading is a passion of mine.  I, not unlike many young people hated reading in my youth.  Now I appreciate reading so much more because of the practical application and intellectual expansion it offers.  In the future I will post books that I have either read or am currently reading.  One of my favorites is:

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